Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Campaign is Over, Yet at the New York Times it Continues

The New York Times continues to campaign on behalf of the Left to which it is so slavishly, mindlessly, monolithically dedicated.

I have purposely given up my subscription and refuse to buy the paper, nevertheless being the "National Paper of Record," it's hard not to glance at the headlines from time to time. Especially the Weekend edition (Fridays). It's usually jam packed with interesting items, things to do or see in the city.

A cursory glance at the headlines on page A-1 reveal its continued crusade. And positioning is everything.

This from the Friday, December 10th edition.

Top left hand corner: It's Inauguration time....$250,000 Buys Lunch With The President and More. Why bother reading the article, it's a hit piece on the callous greed of the Republicans.

Middle center, just above the fold: "Muslim Scholars Increasingly Debate Unholy War." The fact that they consider the pronouncements of Muslim "scholars" as significant says a whole lot. Isn't Muslim Scholar an oxymoron anyway? What's the point? Who cares? Don't they have to sort out their own mess? Like children clamouring for attention, they improperly turned their anger with their society's own failures outward and struck at their imaginary enemy -- the all purpose Great Satan.

It's the last gasp of a failed philosophy in the throes of its death, we can only hope. The NY Times "scholar" is a civil engineer, I'm sure he's a thoughtful man, but where are their think tankers? I guess they don't have them. (If the New York Times were to look at me, a reasonable well-educated student of political economy, sparsely published humorist, they would dismiss me out of hand, but that's another story.)

The left / the New York Times cuts our Muslim friends a lot of slack and who knows why? Guilt probably. But, why feel guilty? If Christian people were sitting on all the oil riches the Arab Islamisists have, Arabia would be the center of education, medicine, scientific discovery, the greatest universities in the world would be advancing the cause of humanity all funded by this incredible wealth. Not the Muslims, they're fighting wars from the last Millennium, a war for domination they lost in the 16th century, but are winning in Europe today. (See Robert Spencer's piece in "The Rise of 'Eurabia'", or Nial Ferguson's "Eurabia?".)

--- to be continued ---