Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The pledge: we will not go quietly into that good night.

We will not go quietly, we will not let the media, the Republican establishment, David Axelrod various billionaires or any other vested interest, choose the nominee of our party, the GOP.

If we loose in Florida, we'll fight in every primary and caucus all the way to Tampa though multiple ballots, until we have a nominee that will bring the fight to Barack Obama.

We will nominate a man or woman who can clearly and artfully defend the concepts of individual sovereignty, natural rights and the objective morality of economic freedom.

Because to the Left (and the Republican establishment:  McCain and Rove and Schmidt), we are the sheeple who will be bulldozed, ruled over, led by the nose like pathetic dancing bears.

The Left thinks we can be bought with section-8 vouchers and food stamps.  They think we're racist, tea-baggers who clings to quaint notions of "God."  They cluck there tongues and chuckle into their vodka and tonics and mutter: "might as well believe in pigs with wings."
The RINOs think: let's not be too hasty, let's not elect someone too volatile, let's elect someone who can temper their passion.  Let's elect a moneybags who enjoys firing people, who will be caricatured as Mr. Monopoly and will go down to polite defeat like Ford, Dole and McCain.  We'll have our shot in 2016, then Jeb Bush will be ready and they'll make history.  Well I say: "suck it."  Not this year.

We cling to God and family and when times are hard, we'll take in our neighbor -- my home is always open.  I might even buy a gun, too.  Did you hear that Janet?  We're the people but to Obama and Ann Coulter we're merely: "figures on a ledger."

Go Newt!